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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] no matter how local Chinese sports brand Fengeng London Olympics, had to admit that the protagonist of the London Olympics or Nike and Adidas. The two companies control the world's top sports resources. In the past 2011, Chinese market are Adidas, Nike contributed 10% of revenue. London Olympics, Adidas sponsored the Chinese men's soccer team, Chinese men's volleyball team, the Chinese taekwondo team of men and women, Chinese men fencing team, Chinese boxing, the Chinese judo team of men and women and other 13 sports teams. Nike is sponsoring the Chinese national basketball team, weightlifting team, wrestling team, track and field team, tennis team, archery and beach volleyball team and other teams seven sports teams. In addition, Nike also has Liu Xiang, Li and other star athletes. Layout tier China's domestic sports brand sales decline and high inventory withstand challenges, Adidas's sales have been on the rise. 2012 first quarter, Adidas global sales growth of 14% in China grew by 26%. Although the second quarter and semi-annual report to be released until August, highly Skyline managing director of Adidas Greater China in the media roundtable, said this month that the data is still optimistic, he cited an example, is tha Retro jordans for sale t they sponsored the Spanish team win in the European Cup. This time the London Olympics, Adidas UK company became an official sponsor of the London Olympic level and, therefore, more activities and sponsorship by Adidas for the British company, China Area Activities in the direct sponsorship of the relatively small number of but this does not mean that Chinese companies Adidas "limited resources" this year. Adidas Chinese companies in the message, told reporters that they support and sponsorship of some of China's sports teams and athletes. Such as boxer Zou Shiming and taekwondo, the defending champion - they had hoped to win the championship again, and in addition, Adidas also sponsors the Chinese national volleyball team and other sports teams, which are to be carried out Olympic marketing. In addition, in order to meet the Olympic Games and the Chinese Year of the Dragon, Adidas launched the Julong ring activities. The biggest purpose of this activity is to hope that Adi influence to cover a larger area, whether it is first-tier cities, second-tier cities, third-tier cities are expected to cover Adi place. According to Adidas "Gateway 2015 strategy" planning, Adidas Chinese company to look into the second and third tier cities in China. In their 2012 plan, they w Cheap air jordans for sale ill open 600 new stores, and now the focus is on second and third tier cities, the future will be more concerned about the smaller lower-tier cities, mainly in the west. London Olympics this year, compared to Nike sponsored the popular Chinese basketball tournament, Chinese tennis and Chinese track and field team, Adidas sponsored team seems to have a niche, in addition to Chinese football and Chinese Volleyball slightly hot, the rest are relatively "unpopular" . However, the high Skyline denied the "small minority" this statement:. "In fact, this view more subjective, because each person's preferences are different, you like fencing, he likes boxing, various competitions both lovers we are A very comprehensive sporting goods company, in 26 major events in the Olympic Games, 25 events have our product lines and services. Now the only one we have no way to provide goods and services is equestrian, because we have no way of production horses. " Star Tactical Sports Insiders have a comparison, Adidas and more willing to spend money on large-scale events and activities, and Nike, is more like sponsoring sports stars - is worth mentioning is that Nike explore potential newcomers on always unique vision. Many famous athletes, at a young age, it has been signed Nike. For ex Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ample, now the New York Knicks Jeremy Lin fire very moment, back in August 2010, Nike (Taiwan) and the company is still sitting "back seat" Jeremy Lin signed a three-year contract, this contract performance to the second In time, Jeremy Lin in the NBA rising. Although Nike also set objective assessment criteria, but to specifically describe Nike's selection criteria, but it is very difficult. Nike will ever feel this choice is described as - "very grassroots selection." Nike sports marketing department head of mining potential athletes, they usually will focus on tracking objects are Athletics, Football Association and other sports associations and sports focused schools. Many members of this team are specialized background in sports. Such as mining, Marketing Director Liu Xiang Li Tong, Nike in 1981 and he is the first athlete signed in China. Liu Xiang Li Tong at age 18, eyeing him, and predicted that he will be successful. In his recommendation, after Nike, field trips, signed Liu Xiang, it spent only 300,000 a year, and in the next few years, to provide him with specialized services, playing the role of broker in half. Athens Olympics, Liu Xiang of China took the first piece of men's 110 meters hurdles gold medal. Nike and Li's become attached to you sooner. Back cheap foamposites in 1997, Nike sponsored Li; five years later, Li retired for two years to go to college, only to terminate the contract. reinstated after Li Na, Li Na Nike and quickly signed up. Adidas told us they choose to invest in and select star requirements. High Skyline says it will observe a tournament in China is not a widespread concern of consumers is not Adi target customers, if consumers are very popular sporting event, they will invest with the current focus to do some comparison, If the comparison, I felt the investment is worth it, we will consider the next step. Next, Adidas mainly observe the individual, team or event, it is not consistent with their brand or brand in line with the direction of future development. If the matching words, Adidas will make the evaluation system and evaluation according to the criteria brought this athlete, or sponsor the sports teams, or sponsorship decisions throughout the game, and this decision is the integration of the annual plan. High Skyline said, before investing, to conduct a feasibility study is also very critical. Such as sponsoring sports marketing, it requires you to have in-depth analysis of the team, observing their recent performance, observe their team morale. Even individual players may also become a risk factor for t cheap jordan shoes for men he team. Also, the trend observed over a period of time the team performance. These key points should be considered. In some cases, to consider the issue but also focus on the long-term, such as sponsoring a team event, it is not focused short-term interests. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) as Jorand brand under the flag of signing players, Jimmy & middot; Butler in American time 24 also attended the local Chicago station 23 of the opening ceremony, and at the foot of shoes more let a person shine at the moment, a pair of recently hot air jordan 10 "ovo" instead of black take with dressed in a black dress, low-key cool! (PS: do not know when this pair of Jordan Air 10 "OVO" will be sold in the market? source: solecollector this shoe has always been seen as a classic. But with a black image of the show is the first time, except the blue edge red cushion and tongue lateral. Overall feeling low-key atmosphere is not lacking, is expected in January next year on sale. , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, UNDEFEATED, x, The, Generic, Man, PE, land sea series, Nike star, upcoming new shoes Preview comments on last article: UNDEFEATED x The Generic Man land war series next article: Nike cheap jordans for sale star upcoming new PE shoes Preview 2012 UNDERCOVER Nike GYAKUSOU new release running channel Publisher: hi1626 time: 2012-03-01, 00:50, ; ; share: engraved classic Nike Terminator High has recently been re engraved, the introduction of the classic "Georgetown" color. Design in 90s with a strong retro flavor, dark blue grey suede and nubuck leather to create overboots, followed by NIKE" "retro font embellishment, finally equipped with iconic rubber soles, let the shoes back to the past good times lovers. champagne with cigar Air Jordan 6 celebration series AJ powder must see Jordan Brand 2015 Retro "Remastering""; classic engraving project starts review last article: champagne with cigars, Air Jordan 6 celebration series next: AJ powder must see Jordan Brand 2015 Retro, Remastering" classic carving project started Japan sports brand Onitsuka Tiger has recently brought its brand new "Okayama Denim" color for its brand running shoes Colorado 85. As the name suggests, this design uses the double retro outline of Japan Okayama produced high-quality tannin as main material, combined with high quality leather shoes in the form, based on the deep blue, on the tongue, lining and heel respectively into brown and red and white collocation cheap jordans online to create contrast, side Logo and with a deep blue ink the details of the sole and comfortable. Priced at about $$129, the shoe has now been purchased via Titolo . -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! we'll find you a super girl on the mobile phone is out of the water should be how to deal with! explains the patented shoe making technology in hot shoes, and how many do you know? : Resurrection?! Diadora science stickers tell you why it can roll over By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! 1626 x presents: tidal power tidal Street -- -- -- -- -- -- to recommend to the tide -- --PUMA TSUGI Shinsei this 90s to inject color aesthetics, rich in color and with a psychedelic, hit the electronic tone, give visual impact in addition to make the best use of the characteristics of woven shoes face, the same color mixed color to increase the level and finally worth mentioning is that the three angle below background is the 90s table of printing. Familiar with the history of art friends must be familiar with PUMA, TSUGI 'Shinsei 90' s Pack 'in July 15th, sold in a PUMA Lab Footlocker counter in the store, priced 110 dollars, cheap jordans for sale mens to foreign distributors or Taiwan has been offering news. this way, lots of color? PUMA TSUGI Shinsei, but some are familiar with the author, TSUGI Shinsei from Japan, and the colorful atmosphere reminiscent of Japan's 109 babes, clean black tone as the girls deliberately painted sun or dark skin color, and gorgeous color is like characteristics of makeup and clothing, 109 spice (Ganguro?) style also live glory to the middle of 90s, this also can be seen in both color and culture will influence each other with it. source: Sneaker News wore black and white markings appeared in the early Adidas AlphaBOUNCE body had attracted many eyes, new upper and BOUNCE using ForgedMesh lightweight and flexible bottom buffer technology for runners in performance and appearance have brought different feelings and past. According to foreign website data, the shoe weight with US 9 is 297 grams or so, should be the weight that can be accepted for general runner. The individual likes the vamp as a shark fold design, which, according to the brand, also helps the runner to have a more comfortable and natural rhythm during the exercise. is currently on the stage of a very diverse color, both simple black and white, there are spots and gradually layer, showing a considerable number of design id Retro jordans for sale eas, look forward to the future there will be more colors come on stage. source: sneakerpolitics exposed a new color of a Jordan Melo M9 today on the Internet, I believe from the color of the way of using so many fans think last year with Melo Jordan Melo M8 - Easter Sunday PE Easter color, in addition to the use of orange and blue elements also used some black shoes with details, and in the upper material also changed quite textured suede, total similarity to let people speculate that this is the Easter color this year on behalf of Melo shoes, please continue to pay close attention to the following details. source: sneakernews The perfect combination of court and street style Jordan Brand most recently when it comes to the topic of the shoes, it certainly is it Jordan Future first exposure shocked the entire sneaker, with Jordan Brand's most classic shoes Air Jordan XI as the foundation, join in the street culture in the most representative knitting uppers, break the existing subvert your framework, I imagine, there is no doubt that Jordan Future is creating a new aesthetic view. woven vamp brings comfortable feeling coated, asymmetrical lacing system can reduce the instep pressure, lined with suede leather to create excellent comfort. tongue leather collocation Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping impression method to recovery processing of the JUMPMAN Logo, but also waxed laces plus metal shoes to take the lead, to add more texture. this all black version not only has a 3M reflective dress on its upper side, but also has a great luminous effect at the bottom. Jordan Future will be available in March 15th, priced at $185, the Taiwan area sales information please pay close attention to the information listed shoe prospecting. this summer after another star to visit Taiwan, the highly popular Kevin Durant yesterday's two visit to Taiwan, and we left an unforgettable night, Xiao Bian also participated in his public travel most, now take a look at you with a quick survey using a mobile phone camera with small shoe look for Taipei last night Leidi . Kevin Durant of the Taipei line in addition to outdoor exercise and enjoy the fun with you at night, another important task is to introduce the new KD VI shoes, so he became the Kicks Lounge guest, before his arrival, many fans dressed up early at the scene waiting for him, the figure can be see many fans wearing on behalf of KD University and supersonic period also have different jerseys, female fans wearing jerseys and home court star, expect to see the idol to have more interaction. Please go to the first Kicks Lounge together with KD to promote outdoor basketball Bobbito through his films to introduce street basketball fun, at the same time he and another director and photographer Kevin also mentioned some brilliant record KD in the off-season in New York outdoor court left. Kevin Durant let the instant boiling debut, the shoes fans also feel very surprise to see Leo Chang, with their love of the shoe designers have a close interaction is a very rare opportunity, KD and Leo in order to introduce the special version of several first sale, Xiao Bian also very lucky to be KD asked why he named, from the previous to the present most love KD IV style, KD KD IV gave the answer is "Nerf", he said that in fact every pair of his shoes even ordinary version of his love, but KD IV "Nerf" special color boxes lets it be out of the ordinary, if I really had to choose his answer, a funny thing happened in, about half of the hands of the KD shoes accidentally fell to the ground in that small wanted to help pick up the shoes, not only KD There is moving, sitting on the chair just a little bend over, long arm stretched out to pick up his shoes, Xiao Bian personally see, it is difficult to imagine his arms defense will be what kind of feeling, it must be very oppressive. , KD, V, What, The, KD, KD, VI, Pleasant, KD, VI, Pre, Heat, KD, VI, Seat, Bamboo" KD fans and the scene very warm, and in the quiz fans also sent a ball with the signature photo, a little shelf is still deep with star charm, and a group photo with KD female fans with small almost as high, about 170 centimeters, can be seen from the photo of KD is high enough general NBA playerheight will go to KD, I am afraid. classic white and green color tennis shoes, Adidas Originals Stan Smith, and American cartoon American Dad (Taiwanese translation: secret agent dad) to cooperate, launched a joint shoes. The hero's name also happens to be "Stan Smith", so it has become an interesting topic for Adidas Originals Stan Smith Stan Smith X. In addition, the design also has in mind, the pattern changed into insole tennis dress, and the American flag as the background, the tongue also replaced the cartoon Stan Smith avatar, creative. The shoes are expected to be on sale at Adidas store and in 10/18, USA. source: EukicksNike Zoom KD 9 "The Sauce" Taiwan area, December 05, at a particular store point of sale, priced at 5500 yuan. We will be responsible for arranging the distributors' links for the current sales methods in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the store's announcement. This article will be updated until 23:59 tonight. More information on shoe listings is also available on the Kenlu Calendar news. PHANTACi source: Nike Christmas day not long ago, Carmelo Anthony for the first time in his new boots Jordan Melo M13 debut, the first appearance of color is Jordan Brand for Christmas this year to create a Christmas Edition player. Subsequently, Jordan Melo M13 officially launched, Taiwan has also been able to purchase at a specific store point, if you are interested in exploring, you may wish to directly to the location of the brand direct sales outlets or distribution channels try on. source: NBA, Jordan, Melo, M13The design of Jordan Melo core M13 is comfort and support, shoes with Flight Speed grip rubber outsole, and to improve the grip texture greatly enhance the shoes in the fast starting and stopping and instant startup grip. shoes are used Kurim material and mesh fabric to achieve both lightweight and it demands good protection, can withstand the high intensity of the game, Phylon Flight Speed on the bottom is collocation technology to improve the performance of the shoes back. Jordan Melo M13 is now available at designated retail outlets and, priced at NT$$5300. Taiwan area store inquiries, please click the link.